I love this modern parable about the Kingdom of God written by Mark Scandrette. It captures a beauty that really resonates with me…even though I’m a lousy dancer.

For those of us less familiar with baking and farming, we may need new pictures to help us imagine what life in the kingdom can look like. One of my favorites is that the kingdom of God is like . . . a dance. Since the dawn of time the song of God has echoed throughout the universe. We were made to hear this song and move to the rhythm of the music, with each person’s dance being unique. While most creatures instinctually dance to God’s song, human beings choose whether or not to listen and respond. Gradually we stopped hearing the song, and eventually became deaf to the lyrics and melody. We found other songs to sing, with violent rhythms that made us flail and crash into one another. The original dance became a fading memory that still fills our hearts with longing. Poets and prophets were sent to remind us of the score so we could rehearse and return to the dance. Finally, a Chosen One was sent, at great cost, to heal our deafness and teach us how to move to the rhythm of God’s song again. First, a few of us began to hear the music, so beautiful and alive—it made us not want to dance to our own songs anymore. Now more and more of us are entering a dance that will eventually enchant the whole world. Together we will become one great throng, hearing the same song, and moving in rhythm with the divine aria.

Practicing The Way of Jesus



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