Out Of The Box Family Fun: Shake ‘n Take

Aliens have landed and disguised themselves as geometric shapes. Your mission is to gather proof of their existence before you get abducted. Hand/eye coordination, keen perception, and the ability to work fast under-pressure will be the skills needed to determine who will be the first to capture all of the hidden aliens and go public with the evidence.

While this description might sound like a lost episode of the X-files, it’s actually one of the latest products from party game experts, Out Of The Box Publishing. Shake ‘n Take, designed by Keith Meyers, is a light, family game that plays in about 15 minutes with 2-10 players. Let’s a take a deeper look to see if this game is for you.

How It Works

Each player is equipped with a 2-sided plastic player-mat covered in pictures of small aliens disguised as shapes. The backside of the player-mat is a simpler version of the front side, using plain (non-alien) shapes to make the game a little easier for younger players. Two players seated on opposite sides of the table each get a 6-sided die, with each side depicting one of the alien shapes, and a big dry-erase marker dressed-up with a classic alien-head cover. Each player seated next to the players with the dry-erase markers is given a clear-plastic egg shaker that houses another 6-sided die. This die has an alien face on one of it’s faces. When play begins the player with the marker rolls the shape die and circles one of the matching aliens on their player-mat. Rolling and circling continues until the egg-shaking player see the alien face show up. The egg-shaking player can then steal the marker and shape die to begin circling the creatures on his own board, passing the egg-shaker clockwise. Play continues until one of the players circles all the aliens on his board and is declared winner.


The bits inside the box are fantastic if not a little over the top. The game comes with 2 shape dice, 2 alien egg shakers, 2 alien dry-erase markers, 10 – 2-sided players-mats, and 2 erasers for the dry-erase markers. The alien dry-erase markers really add to the fun of the game, especially when its time to grab the marker from your neighbor. The artwork is light-hearted, and cartoony which fits the feel of the game well. The erasers are fantastic and made me wish that something similar came in other games rather than the little clothes included with Telestrations. For such a silly, simple game, the production value is out-of-this-world (pun-intended).


I had a chance to play Shake ‘n Take as an opener at my monthly game night and it seemed to get people warmed up. We had a lot of fun making noise and playing tug-o-war with the alien markers. While it was fun, I can’t imagine it ever being more than a quick filler. There are better party games out there (check out Telestrations or Wits and Wagers, for instance) but if you are looking for a little light, family fun after dinner some night, consider adding Shake ‘n Take to the menu. Especially, if you’ve got a house-full of little gamers running around.

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