The following is a list of some web spaces I’ve been frequently as of late. I hope these sites will be sources of inspiration and/or entertainment for you! Enjoy.

Cool Tools

Kevin Kelley, co-founder of Wired, created this blog to share about neat stuff that works.  Posts are written by folks who have used the items themselves. This site is sort of a collection of cultural artifacts that show us a little something about the world we live in.  It’s filled with lots of random, cool tools you probably can’t live without.

Signal Vs. Noise

This is a blog by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the guys who designed a bunch of software stuff and wrote the amazing, paradigm shifting , leadership book for entrepreneurs called Rework. Great leadership tips abound here. Line between business, leadership, marketing, art, and fun are blurred. Signal Vs. Noise is a nice place to spend some time.

1,000 Awesome Things

Thanks to Mike Foster and his book Gracenomics, I have been made aware of this awesome  site. Neil Pasricha started the project in 2008 as a way to become more aware of the good stuff of life that happens every day.  The success of this blog led to the release of The Book of Awesome in April 2010 and the upcoming release of The Book of (even more) Awesome later this year. Check it out and be reminded of some of the little things that made live worth living.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

This website, created by Alex Tew and built by Ben Dowling delivers as advertised. Kick back in your computer chair, listen to the waves, and do nothing for two minutes. If you touch your keyboard or mouse during the two minute period you get a big “FAIL” message. It’s a cute little site that will help us all cultivate a little space for much needed silence in a hectic world. As my friend Ron Moore sings, “silence is music”.

The Dice Tower

This is the least new-to-me site of all the sites I’ve mentioned in this post. A couple years ago I started collecting obscure board games and joined a little online community called BoardGameGeek to learn more about the world of hobby gaming. After spending a lot of time on the site I came across a site created by Tom Vasel and friends called The Dice Tower. Tom is a teacher, pastor, game designer, and former missionary who lives in Florida. His game collection puts mine to shame and his knowledge about the hobby is vast. The Dice Tower features a podcast, written and video reviews of just about every game out there, best-of lists, and the occasional designer interview. Without the help of folks like Tom Vasel, I wouldn’t have an idea that so many great board games exist. Tom and the gang are helpful in sorting the wheat from the chaff so gamers know what they are getting into before they drop fifty bucks on a game. Tom’s Top 100 Games video series is a great place to start for those interested in seeing the variety in the world of hobby gaming.

What are some of your favorite sites?

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