I met Ian Graham when he was 11 years old. Along with his brother Ben, he was playing in a little punk rock band that had already released an album and played at Chicago’s infamous Fireside Bowl. I almost couldn’t stand their streak of luck. I had been trying to raise money to release an album for years and making phone calls almost every week trying to get my band into the Fireside. It just wasn’t fair.

Luckily, I was able to get past my issues of jealousy and became fast friends with the Graham boys. For several years, we swapped shows and shared van space. I got to watch these “boys” become better musicians with each record they put out. Their latest incarnation is the best yet.
Cheap Girls came as a result of a break-up. Isn’t that the story of so many great bands? Ian wrote a handful of songs, enlisted the help of his friend Adam Aymor to play guitar, and once again filled the drum stool with his brother Ben.

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