Today is Earth Day. It’s a day where we are encouraged to consider how are lives are impacting the planet that we live on. After fading into to obscurity for a few years it seems that with the greening of everything, Earth Day is back in full force. With the amount of new eco-friendly products that are being advertised in every magazine and on every television, it can be easy to view caring for the  environment as another passing fad that will make some big companies some big money until something else comes along.

I am one of the folks who jumped on the bandwagon, and is trying to hold on. I’m not perfect. I have been on a journey of learning to consume less and care more. Learning is the key word. But like any lifestyle change that sticks, these things take time and a new way of thinking about our lives. Change requires rethinking our relationship with our environment.  In honor of this special day I thought I would share breifly about a couple books that kick started my thinking on the subject of “Creation Care”.

Saving God’s Green Earth by Tri Robinson

As Pastor of the Vineyard Boise Church in Idaho, Tri  Robinson was surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation and discovered God’s call to environmental stewardship throughout the biblical narrative. Through biblical exposition and his experience of tackling the issue in his church community, Robinson takes readers on a journey from why  to how. The book is a quick read that packs a challenging punch. Both theological and practical, Saving God’s Green Earth is a great introduction to the topic of Creation Care.

Serve God, Save the Planet by Dr. Matthew Sleeth

Dr. Matthew Sleeth served as an emergency room physician for years. He began to see connections between the health of his patients and the living conditions that are common to most people in the United States. Further research led Dr. Sleeth to leave the medical profession, simplify his life, and become an environmental activist. Serve God, Save the Planet tells the story of his family’s radical shift and shows how following Jesus leads to a more sustainable way of life. In serving God, the natural outcome is saving the planet. A beautiful, conversational read.

What has challenged you to help save God’s green earth?

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