by Photos par Voiland

Sunday Afternoon

I’ve decided to leave for home today. IT’s been a great experience and I have learned a ton. I was originally planning to stay one more night but the main part of the retreat is finished and it seems that more than half of the others are leaving today as well. I have been with my God and will continue to be with him in this new way that passes what can be understood and explained with words. There is nothing to measure and only faith tells me that God is working below the surface of my heart and mind, in my soul.

I wanted to be hardcore and stay another night but I feel my desire to stay is coming from that place where I am afraid people will think I am a quitter. I also sense the other part of me that wants to stay is hanging on for something to “happen” but I know if I’ve learned anything this weekend, that God is not an experience. God is God.

I’ve had a great experience here at Manresa. It’s nice to be a stranger sometimes. I was a stranger to the people here as well as to this way of the contemplative kind of life. I am at least more acquainted with this path to the indescribable depths of life with God in faith.

I am looking forward to holding my family and letting some of this love I’ve experienced spill over on to them. God willing.

Isn’t today the first day of spring? May the love of God bloom in me and in the world this season.

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