by Photos par Voiland

Saturday Evening

Yoga felt pretty good. The leader directed us to use our time as a time of meditation and prayer. My body was uncomfortable with the movement but it was worthwhile.

The session after yoga dealt with 2 of the three main distractions in meditation; the monkey mind (my issue at this point), and psychological distraction, a sort of recognizing and the turning over of baggage to God.

After dinner I spent a little more time reading Nouwen. His work on being the Beloved is speaking right to where I have been lately. I even taught this stuff to the teens based on Jeanne Steven’s Soul School. Good writers must simply have to use good source material.

After resting for a while I attended the Eucharist (Mass). The readings were powerful and fit nicely with the weekend. I am both the naked Mary waiting to be judged and the elders holding the stones at times. Hopefully this prayer I’m learning about will help me to tap into a role that looks more like the role of Jesus. Compassionate. Confident. Loving.

I am missing my girls tonight. Part of me wants to go home early but I should probably stick it out. Lisa is such a blessing. I know that any difficulty I get from her about being gone came out of her love for me. It is blessed to be loved.

I might listen to a little music on my iPhone as I go to bed. I am also thinking I am going to skip the first meditation and stretching in the morning to sleep in. I am feeling a little hard on myself with sticking to the schedule. I have felt like I am “supposed to” go to everything even though a lot of it is optional. I am going to relax the rigidity a bit and rest. The silence isn’t bugging me as much. Fr. Bernie calls it a “friendly silence”. It is not to be stifling. I am feeling the need to revisit those John Mark McMillan songs that should be friendly too, I suppose.

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