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Saturday Late Afternoon

The meditation before lunch was tough. Each meditation begins with a chime, then there is a few minutes of music that fades out followed by about 25 minutes of silence, the music then fades in again for a minute or so, followed by an “Our, Father” in unison (leaving off the end, must be the Catholic way), finally Fr. Bernie recites a short reading, and signals the close of the meditation with another chime.

Once again I dealt with the same distractions but added another to the list. I started to doze off several times. I am going to listen to my body and go take a nap before yoga.

Before that, I want to make sure to remember a funny thing that happened at lunch. I’m one of the un-lucky left-handed folks in this right-handed world. Eating is sometimes difficult in that if I don’t sit in the “right” seat my elbow will invade the space of the unfortunate “righty” that gets stuck next to me. Having been a “lefty” my whole life, I have learned a trick or two including; sitting on one of the ends where my elbow has free reign over the airspace next to the table. I used this trick today at lunch. Being one of the first people at my table I was the annoying guy sitting on the end, blocking the way.  As my table filled in and we began to eat I looked up and noticed that the 3 others guys at my table were “lefties” too! Coincidence? I think not! God’s providence? Most likely! After all, I am at a spiritual retreat.

Enough meandering, time to sleep.

    • Johnny Mason
    • April 5th, 2010

    I’ve enjoyed reading your entries from the retreat. Makes me contemplate some things. I have a tough time shutting off my brain from all of the little things and being able to open it fully to the “great silence”. I wonder how I would do at Manresa…

    • Well, I think that if you need a remedy for the brain that doesn’t quit this could be a huge help. Manresa is a great place to get you started on the journey, at least, it was for me. Manresa is a unique place but it’s not a magical place. You can start the journey in any quiet place if you have an open heart! Here’s a great little book that the teaching at my retreat was based on. It’s only about 50 pages.

      Thanks for writing, Johnny! Glad to get you thinking about stopping thinking.

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