by Photos par Voiland

Saturday Morning

Yesterday, we talked about entering into silence, stillness, and simplicity for meditation. This morning when I woke up, simplicity popped into my mind. I think this idea strikes me because after our session yesterday I can see that silent prayer truly is simple. It seems to be a quieting of oneself in the desire to be with God. Minimize distractions, focus, and rest. I love the idea that something that seems so other-worldly in thought is really such a simple thing. Again, the picture of a child and parent sitting together comes to mind. I am the wiggly child in my Father’s lap enjoying safety, security, and love.

It’s uncomfortably peaceful here. I woke up early to get coffee and no one else was around to learn the social norms from. Can I take my coffee in the library? My room? I fiddled for a while until a women came into to get coffee and went right back to her room.

Meditation, stretching, and breakfast coming right up.

Saturday Mid-Morning

In my first meditation I was super distracted but caught bits of rest. We then took a break to stretch and I could feel the tension in my body. Having poor posture has a huge effect on meditation.

During the second meditation this morning I felt more peace and was more focused.

Breakfast in silence was a little awkward with all of the clinking dishes. Not as uncomfortable as I expected.

Lisa texted to say good morning. She and Claire slept well and had a good night. Thank you for that, Lord.

Henri Nouwen says “I am the Beloved”. Help me to rest in that today.


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