Strontium! The name for the chemical used in fireworks helped my team get off to a great start in a friendly game of Word on the Street this New Year’s Eve. Note to future players: It’s always a good idea to have a high school chemistry teacher on your team when playing a game where the winner is decided based on who can come up with the biggest words that fit into a specific category.

Jack Degnan’s Word on the Street is a party game that pits 2 teams (or 2 players) in a street fight seeking to be the first team to capture 8 letters from the game board.  I like to think of Word on the Street as a kind of Scattergories meets Scrabble game. The game board, which is set up to look like a four-lane divided road, is placed between two teams. In the median of the street/board is set of tiles that display an abbreviated alphabet (vowels are left off the board along with J, Q, X, and Z). One team draws a category card and reads it to their opponents. The team in play then has 30 seconds to come up with a word that fits the category and utilizes the most tiles on the board. Once they decide on a word, the players move the letter tiles for each letter in their word one space toward their side of the board. (Example:  The category card that is chosen might read “A Word That Describes a Party”. The team in play decides on the word “fabulous” and moves the letters F, B, L, and S one space each to their side of the board.) Letters are captured when they are moved off the edge of the board. The first team to capture 8 letter tiles wins.

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