I’ve never had much patience for video games. I remember being so excited when my brother got a Sega Genesis system from Christmas one year. I thought Sonic was amazing but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to make it past the first level without using cheats. My brother would limit the amount of time I spent on his machine by giving me a sort of technology allowance. I don’t think I ever used all of my allotted time. Maybe I lacked the coordination in my thumbs too much to fully enjoy the experience and make the necessary investment to progress in the game. I’d lose my third life, give up, and retreat to my bedroom to listen to my Iron Maiden tape. “Games just aren’t for me”, I thought to myself as I flipped through the pages of Thrasher magazine.

Fast-forward to high school. My brother’s Playstation sure had some amazing graphics but I still didn’t have much interest in playing games. Aside from the occasional Twisted Metal 2 session, I had pretty much given my life to Star Wars and punk rock. That is until one of my skateboarding buddies asked me if I had ever heard of Magic: The Gathering. I still lacked the hand-eye coordination needed for video games but I was hooked on the idea of sitting across the table from someone casting spells and using strategy to defeat sweet looking monsters.

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